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Latest News

The bug which a replication server stops on hyper-thread environment was found. (2005/3/11)

The problem which the replication server under high load stops on 2CPUs(Xeon 3.2GHz 64bit)+RedHat ES3 environment was found. It is also checked that PGCluster runs satisfactory when stop using hyper-thread. (Thank you for Mr. Seiryu's report) . When you are using the hyper-thread, please take care for this problem.

PGCluster-1.0.9 and PGCluster-1.1.1 are released.

PGCluster-1.0.9 and PGCluster-1.1.1 are the versions which patched the security patch. PGCluster-1.0.9 is used based on PostgreSQL7.3.9. And PGCluster-1.1.1 is used based on PostgreSQL7.4.7.

PGCluster-1.3 (the development version) which used PostgreSQL8.0 as the base is released.

The release is planned as 3.0 in the stage which the '1.3.x' version stabilized.

I am waiting for the comment from you, a bug report, a patch, etc.

Release News

PGCluster-1.3.0 is available (Download is here (2005/3/7 update!)

- PostgreSQL8.0.1 was used as the base.
- Although it is checking running on Linux, Solaris, and FreeBSD, it does not support Windows.
- A basic function is the same as PGCluster-1.1.

PGCluster-1.1.0 is available (Download is here (2005/3/7 update!)

- PostgreSQL7.4.6 was used as the base.
- The replication speed of an updating query improved by having changed the replication into the thread.
- A Large Object can be replicated.
- In addition, much function was added

PGCluster-1.0.9 is available(Download is here (2005/3/7 update!)

- PostgreSQL7.3.9 was used as the base.
- This is the version which patched the security patch to 1.0.8.

Notes about update to '1.1.0' from '1.0.x'

Since the major versions of PostgreSQL of a base differ, '1.0.x' and '1.1.0' need to restore data, when updating PGCluster. .

First, the original DB is backupped.
$ pg_dump -Ft -b "DB Name"> "Backup File Name"

Next, it restores from a backup file to new DB.
$ createdb "new DB name"
$ pg_restore -d "new DB name" "Backup File Name"

Refer to the reference manual of PostgreSQL for the details of a backup command.